Would you like to learn all about Chakra's, Crystals & Meditation?

Learn all about Chakra's, Crystals & Meditation, so you can learn to heal yourself & start living your best life!

An in-depth 24 page guide to chakra's, crystals & meditation from Jemma Stevens aka Flawsome Jem.

New to my world?

I'm Jem aka Flawsome Jem, an Intuitive Healer for Overwhelmed Empaths.

5d+ Crystal Reiki Master & Teacher

Guiding frustrated & overwhelmed empaths & healers to heal yourself, ditch the overwhelm & stop losing your s***!

Currently offering:

  • 121 & Group 5d+ Crystal Healing Sessions,
  • Reiki Certification Courses; Usui I, II, III/Master & Crystal Reiki Master,
  • Empowering Healing Courses & Workshops

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